POS configuration

  1. POS configuration
  2. APIKEYS management

POS configuration

In order to use the PAYCOMET payment gateway in your business, you must have the necessary configuration parameters. These can be obtained through the PAYCOMET customer management platform at Customer Area

Once inside the platform, the configuration of the contracted product can be reviewed through the menu My products -> Configure product.

After clicking the "Edit" button of the chosen product, a screen will appear with the basic information of the product under the section "Technical configuration of the WEB POS". Specifically, the information required during the integration process is:

  • Terminal number
  • Customer code (required for XML and POST integrations)
  • Password (required for XML and POST integrations)

APIKEYS management

In the REST integration, the authentication method has been updated to send a specific header with the API-KEY generated for the product / products in question.

The HTTP header must have the following name:


The value of the header must be the API-KEY key generated through the client control panel: "My products" -> "API Keys". Once in the API Keys management panel, a new "API KEY" must be created in the upper right button and assigned a name.

In the next panel, the KEY API must be copied since it will only appear once. For security reasons, it will not be shown again.

API KEYS permissions can be assigned to specific products, clicking on 'Add specific permissions to a product ' and selecting the permissions that APIKEY will have on said product.

In the event that a product does not have a customization defined, it will make use of the default values ​​of the key in the other products (defined in "global permissions").

In the the permission required in each of the operations is described.