Web requirements for Virtual POS activation

For online sales solutions linked to a Virtual POS, the card companies (Visa and Mastercard) and the Bank of Spain require compliance with certain standards that must be verified before we can launch the service. Please review all requirements and, if necessary, apply changes to your website in order to successfully complete the registration process.

These requirements are:

  • A ‘shopping cart’ or similar page where buyers request the purchase of a product or service. PAYCOMET will check that the website is accessible and allows for proof of purchase. In the case of web pages still under construction, you must provide us with access to a test environment.
  • A ‘Legal Notice’ (or similar) must contain the business name and identification number (CIF), the fiscal address, and contact information.
  • The ‘Terms and Conditions’ (or similar) must include both the merchandise return policy and the shipping policy. This information must be accessible during the purchasing process.
  • The following information must be visible on all pages accessed by the user during the payment process. References to external links will not be accepted.
    • Business name
    • CIF/NIF
    • Fiscal address
    • Country
    • Telephone
    • Contact email