1. Introduction
  2. Integration Features
  3. Integration technology
  4. Comparation between integration methods


You can choose from several different types of integration depending on which one best suits your business.

From PAYCOMET we recommend for the collection of cards the use of the following integrations:

You can consult the general documentation of both integrations at the following link.

Integration Features

Fullscreen Iframe Embedded
Feature Quick integration. Configure your payment page with the look & feel of your business. Integration One Step Checkout and APPs.
Payment form It opens in a new 100% responsive window, hosted on PAYCOMET. It is embedded in your website, but hosted on our server. Only the card fields are sent directly and securely to PAYCOMET.
You can change the logo and details of the business.

Customizable fields from the Control Panel with CSS properties.
The order of the fields is not modifiable.

Full control of form field customization.
Card fields can be moved.
Security Maximum, the data goes direct to PAYCOMETs PCI-DSS servers. Sensitive data never goes through the customers system. We receive the card data without passing through your store.
It is done before payment directly on the PAYCOMET servers by means of an encryption with 4096-bit keys.
Payment methods Card
Alternative payment method
Alternative payment method

Integration technology

Features Technology
Recommended by PAYCOMET
Allows server to server operations
Allows 3DSecure payment
PAYCOMET is responsible for card data capture
Alternative payments
PSD2 optimized

Below we show you a comparative table of the different functions.

Comparation between integration methods

User interaction:
Registration with capture in form /cards add_user
Registration with card data /cards add_user
Registration with JET token /cards add_user_token
Registration of physical card /cards/physical
information /cards/info info_user
Update expiration /cards/edit
Elimination /cards/delete remove_user
Payment with token /payments execute_purchase_token execute_purchase_token
Collection with capture in form /payments execute_purchase
Return /refund execute_refund
Payment by reference /payments/rtoken execute_purchase_rtoken execute_purchase_rtoken
DCC Operation
Payment execution /payments/dcc execute_purchase_dcc
Payment confirmation /payments/dcc/confirm confirm_purchase_dcc
Payment with capture in form /payments/dcc
Registration by token /subscription create_subscription_token create_subscription_token
Registration with card data create_subscription
Registration with capture in form /subscription create_subscription
Modification /subscription/edit edit_subscription
Elimination /subscription/remove remove_subscription
Creation with token /payments/preauth create_preauthorization create_preauthorization_token
Creation with capture in form /payments/preauth create_preauthorization
Confirmation /payments//preauth/confirm preauthorization_confirm preauthorization_confirm
Cancellation /payments//preauth/cancel preauthorization_cancel preauthorization_cancel
Deferred creation with token /payments//preauth
Create deferred with capture in form /payments//preauth deferred_preauthorization
Deferred confirmation /payments//preauth/confirm deferred_preauthorization_confirm deferred_preauthorization_confirm
Deferred cancellation /payments//preauth/cancel deferred_preauthorization_cancel deferred_preauthorization_cancel
Operations consultation /payments/search search_operations
Operation information /payments/info
Request payment split marketplace/split-transfer split_transfer
Split refund marketplace/split-transfer-reversal split_transfer_reversal
Request transfer marketplace/transfer transfer
Revocation of trans. marketplace/transfer-reversal transfer_reversal
Registration of operations /sepa/operations sepaOperations
Doc. - add document /sepa/add-document add_document
Doc. - document check /sepa/check-document check_document
Doc. - check customer /sepa/check-customer check_customer
Payment methods /sepa/enrole_costumer
Request IVR session /ivr/get-session get_ivr_session
Check status /ivr/get-session-state get_ivr_sessionstate
Launch authorization /launchpad/authorization execute_purchase (launchpad)
Launch pre-authorization /launchpad/preauthorization create_preauthorization (launchpad)
Launch subscription /launchpad/subscription create_subscription (launchpad)
Other functionalities
Product balance /balance
Currency exchange /exchange
IP location /ip
Error query /errors
Service status /heartbeat
Invoice search /invoices
Payment methods /methods