Currency codes accepted by PAYCOMET platform. You should use them for all methods and products.

The amount must be formatted according to the currency selected by the business. In turn, and due to the necessity to represent it as a whole number (without decimals) it will be multiplied by 1 or 100 depending on the currency.

The currencies available on the payment platform are the following:

Currency Code (ISO3) Simbol
Euro EUR
US Dollar USD $
Pounds sterling GBP £
Japanese yen JPY ¥
Brazilian real BRL R$
Polish złoty PLN ł
Cape Verdean escudo CVE $
Argentine peso ARS $
Chilean peso CLP $
Colombian peso COP $
Mexican peso MXN $
Danish krone DKK kr
Canadian Dollar CAD $
Indian Rupee INR R
Peruvian Nuevo Sol PEN S/.
Swiss Franc CHF CHF
Turkish Lira TRY
Russian Ruble RUB R
Hungarian Forint HUF Ft
Croatian Kuna HRK Kn
Australian Dollar AUD $
Norwegian krone NOK Kr
New Zealand dollar NZD NZ$
Hong Kong dollar HKD HK$
Czech koruna CZK
Moroccan Dirham MAD درهم
Singapore dollar SGD S$
South African rand ZAR R
Israeli shekel ILS
Chinese yuan CNY ¥
Romanian Leu RON leu
Bulgarian Lev BGN лв
Swedish krona SEK kr
Icelandic krona ISK kr
United Arab Emirates dirham AED DH
Saudi riyal SAR SR

Payment in currencies other than Euros must be specifically enabled by PayCOMET. You can contact us via the customer portal.