Error codes returned by PAYCOMET platform.

Below is a list of error codes that payment platform is able to return. The error code description is merely illustrative and should be used to shape the processes of integration and troubleshooting.

If you receive an error code with the description "Unexpected Error" will be appropriate to contact PAYCOMET to track closest to the operation that generated the error.

For more information contact with PAYCOMET thought the Control Panel.

Code Description
0 No error
1 Error
100 Expired credit card
101 Credit card blacklisted
102 Operation not allowed for the credit card type
103 Please, call the credit card issuer
104 Unexpected error
105 Insufficient funds
106 Credit card not registered or not logged by the issuer
107 Data error. Validation Code
108 PAN Check Error
109 Expiry date error
110 Data error
111 CVC2 block incorrect
112 Please, call the credit card issuer
113 Credit card not valid
114 The credit card has credit restrictions
115 Card issuer could not validate card owner
116 Payment not allowed in off-line authorization
118 Expired credit card. Please capture card
119 Credit card blacklisted. Please capture card
120 Credit card lost or stolen. Please capture card
121 Error in CVC2. Please capture card
122 Error en Pre-Transaction process. Try again later.
123 Operation denied. Please capture card
124 Closing with agreement
125 Closing without agreement
126 Cannot close right now
127 Invalid parameter
128 Transactions were not accomplished
129 Duplicated internal reference
130 Original operation not found. Could not refund
131 Expired preauthorization
132 Operation not valid with selected currency
133 Error in message format
134 Message not recognized by the system
135 CVC2 block incorrect
137 Credit card not valid
138 Gateway message error
139 Gateway format error
140 Credit card does not exist
141 Amount zero or not valid
142 Operation canceled
143 Authentification error
144 Denegation by security level
145 Error in PUC message. Please contact PayCOMET
146 System error
147 Duplicated transaction
148 MAC error
149 Settlement rejected
150 System date/time not synchronized
151 Invalid card expiration date
152 Could not find any preauthorization with given data
153 Cannot find requested data
154 Cannot operate with given credit card
155 This method requires activation of the VHASH protocol
172 Operation denied. No repeat
173 Denied operation for card data sent
174 Operation denied. Do not repeat before 72 hours
195 Requires SCA authentication
500 Unexpected error
501 Unexpected error
502 Unexpected error
504 Transaction already cancelled
505 Transaction originally denied
506 Confirmation data not valid
507 Unexpected error
508 Transaction still in process
509 Unexpected error
510 Refund is not possible
511 Unexpected error
512 Card issuer not available right now. Please try again later
513 Unexpected error
514 Unexpected error
515 Unexpected error
516 Unexpected error
517 Unexpected error
518 Unexpected error
519 Unexpected error
520 Unexpected error
521 Unexpected error
522 Unexpected error
523 Unexpected error
524 Unexpected error
525 Unexpected error
526 Unexpected error
527 TransactionType unknown
528 Unexpected error
529 Unexpected error
530 Unexpected error
531 Unexpected error
532 Unexpected error
533 Unexpected error
534 Unexpected error
535 Unexpected error
536 Unexpected error
537 Unexpected error
538 Not cancelable operation
539 Unexpected error
540 Unexpected error
541 Unexpected error
542 Unexpected error
543 Unexpected error
544 Unexpected error
545 Unexpected error
546 Unexpected error
547 Unexpected error
548 Unexpected error
549 Unexpected error
550 Unexpected error
551 Unexpected error
552 Unexpected error
553 Unexpected error
554 Unexpected error
555 Could not find the previous operation
556 Data inconsistency in cancellation validation
557 Delayed payment code does not exists
558 Unexpected error
559 Unexpected error
560 Unexpected error
561 Unexpected error
562 Credit card does not allow preauthorizations
563 Data inconsistency in confirmation
564 Unexpected error
565 Unexpected error
567 Refund operation not correctly specified
568 Online communication incorrect
569 Denied operation
740 AFT data validation failed. Wrong type of operation or sector of activity
741 AFT data validation failed. The data sent does not meet the specifications
1000 Account not found. Review your settings
1001 User not found. Please contact your administrator
1002 External provider signature error. Contact your service provider
1003 Signature not valid. Please review your settings
1004 Forbidden access
1005 Invalid credit card format
1006 Data error: Validation code
1007 Data error: Expiration date
1008 Preauthorization reference not found
1009 Preauthorization data could not be found
1010 Could not send cancellation. Please try again later
1011 Could not connect to host
1012 Could not resolve proxy address
1013 Could not resolve host
1014 Initialization failed
1015 Could not find HTTP resource
1016 The HTTP options range is not valid
1017 The POST is not correctly built
1018 The username is not correctly formatted
1019 Operation timeout exceeded
1020 Insufficient memory
1021 Could not connect to SSL host
1022 Protocol not supported
1023 Given URL is not correctly formatted and cannot be used
1024 URL user is not correctly formatted
1025 Cannot register available resources to complete current operation
1026 Duplicated external reference
1027 Total refunds cannot exceed original payment
1028 Account not active. Please contact PayCOMET
1029 Account still not certified. Please contact PayCOMET
1030 Product is marked for deletion and cannot be used
1031 Insufficient rights
1032 Product cannot be used under test environment
1033 Product cannot be used under production environment
1034 It was not possible to send the refund request
1035 Error in field operation origin IP
1036 Error in XML format
1037 Root element is not correct
1038 Field DS_MERCHANT_AMOUNT incorrect
1039 Field DS_MERCHANT_ORDER incorrect
1041 Field DS_MERCHANT_CURRENCY incorrect
1042 Field DS_MERCHANT_PAN incorrect
1043 Field DS_MERCHANT_CVV2 incorrect
1045 Field DS_MERCHANT_TERMINAL incorrect
1046 Field DS_MERCHANT_EXPIRYDATE incorrect
1048 Field DS_ORIGINAL_IP incorrect
1049 Client not found
1050 Preauthorization amount cannot be greater than previous preauthorization amount
1099 Unexpected error
1100 Card diary limit exceeds
1103 ACCOUNT field error
1104 USERCODE field error
1105 TERMINAL field error
1106 OPERATION field error
1107 ORDER field error
1108 AMOUNT field error
1109 CURRENCY field error
1110 SIGNATURE field error
1120 Operation unavailable
1121 Client not found
1122 User not found. Contact PayCOMET
1123 Invalid signature. Please check your configuration
1124 Operation not available with the specified user
1125 Invalid operation in a currency other than product currency
1127 Quantity zero or invalid
1128 Current currency conversion invalid
1129 Invalid amount
1130 Product not found
1131 Invalid operation with the current currency
1132 Invalid operation with a different currency than product currency
1133 Info button corrupt
1134 The subscription may not exceed the expiration date of the card
1135 DS_EXECUTE can not be true if DS_SUBSCRIPTION_STARTDATE is different from today.
1140 Can not find any of the PAYTPV_OPERATIONS_TERMINAL
1141 Error in the date range requested
1142 The application can not have a length greater than 6 months
1143 The operation state is incorrect
1144 Error in the amounts of the search
1145 The type of operation requested does not exist
1146 Sort Order unrecognized
1148 Subscription start date wrong
1149 Subscription end date wrong
1150 Frequency error in the subscription
1151 Invalid usuarioXML
1152 Invalid codigoCliente
1153 Invalid usuarios parameter
1154 Invalid firma parameter
1155 Invalid usuarios parameter format
1156 Invalid type
1157 Invalid name
1158 Invalid surname
1159 Invalid email
1160 Invalid password
1161 Invalid language
1162 Invalid maxamount
1163 Invalid multicurrency
1165 Invalid permissions_specs. Format not allowed
1166 Invalid permissions_products. Format not allowed
1167 Invalid email. Format not allowed
1168 Weak or invalid password
1169 Invalid value for type parameter
1170 Invalid value for language parameter
1171 Invalid format for maxamount parameter
1172 Invalid multicurrency. Format not allowed
1173 Invalid permission_id – permissions_specs. Not allowed
1174 Invalid user
1175 Invalid credentials
1176 Account not found
1177 User not found
1178 Invalid signature
1179 Account without products
1180 Invalid product_id - permissions_products. Not allowed
1181 Invalid permission_id -permissions_products. Not allowed
1185 Minimun limit not allowed
1186 Maximun limit not allowed
1187 Daily limit not allowed
1188 Monthly limit not allowed
1189 Max amount (same card / last 24 h.) not allowed
1190 Max amount (same card / last 24 h. / same IP address) not allowed
1191 Day / IP address limit (all cards) not allowed
1192 Country (customer IP address) not allowed
1193 Card type (credit / debit) not allowed
1194 Card brand not allowed
1195 Card Category not allowed
1196 Authorization from different country than card issuer, not allowed
1197 Denied. Filter: Card country issuer not allowed
1198 Scoring limit exceeded
1199 Week / IP address limit (all cards) not allowed
1200 Denied. Filter: same card, different country last 24 h.
1201 Number of erroneous consecutive attempts with the same card exceeded
1202 Number of failed attempts (last 30 minutes) from the same ip address exceeded
1203 Wrong or not configured credentials
1204 Wrong token received
1205 Can not perform the operation
1206 ProviderID not available
1207 Operations parameter missing or not in a correct format
1208 PaycometMerchant parameter missing
1209 MerchatID parameter missing
1210 TerminalID parameter missing
1211 TpvID parameter missing
1212 OperationType parameter missing
1213 OperationResult parameter missing
1214 OperationAmount parameter missing
1215 OperationCurrency parameter missing
1216 OperationDatetime parameter missing
1217 OriginalAmount parameter missing
1218 Pan parameter missing
1219 ExpiryDate parameter missing
1220 Reference parameter missing
1221 Signature parameter missing
1222 OriginalIP parameter missing or not in a correct format
1223 Authcode / errorCode parameter missing
1224 Product of the operation missing
1225 The type of operation is not supported
1226 The result of the operation is not supported
1227 The transaction currency is not supported
1228 The date of the transaction is not in a correct format
1229 The signature is not correct
1230 Can not find the associated account information
1231 Can not find the associated product information
1232 Can not find the associated user information
1233 The product is not set as multicurrency
1234 The amount of the transaction is not in a correct format
1235 The original amount of the transaction is not in a correct format
1236 The card does not have the correct format
1237 The expiry date of the card is not in a correct format
1238 Can not initialize the service
1239 Can not initialize the service
1240 Method not implemented
1241 Can not initialize the service
1242 Service can not be completed
1243 OperationCode parameter missing
1244 bankName parameter missing
1245 csb parameter missing
1246 userReference parameter missing
1247 Can not find the associated FUC
1248 Duplicate xref. Pending operation.
1249 [DS_]AGENT_FEE parameter missing
1250 [DS_]AGENT_FEE parameter is not in a correct format
1251 DS_AGENT_FEE parameter is not correct
1252 CANCEL_URL parameter missing
1253 CANCEL_URL parameter is not in a correct format
1254 Commerce with secure cardholder and cardholder without secure purchase key
1255 Call terminated by the client
1256 Call terminated, incorrect attempts exceeded
1257 Call terminated, operation attempts exceeded
1258 stationID not available
1259 It has not been possible to establish the IVR session
1260 merchantCode parameter missing
1261 The merchantCode parameter is incorrect
1262 terminalIDDebtor parameter missing
1263 terminalIDCreditor parameter missing
1264 Authorisations for carrying out the operation not available
1265 The Iban account (terminalIDDebtor) is invalid
1266 The Iban account (terminalIDCreditor) is invalid
1267 The BicCode of the Iban account (terminalIDDebtor) is invalid
1268 The BicCode of the Iban account (terminalIDCreditor) is invalid
1269 operationOrder parameter missing
1270 The operationOrder parameter does not have the correct format
1271 The operationAmount parameter does not have the correct format
1272 The operationDatetime parameter does not have the correct format
1273 The operationConcept parameter contains invalid characters or exceeds 140 characters
1274 It has not been possible to record the SEPA operation
1275 It has not been possible to record the SEPA operation
1276 Can not create an operation token
1277 Invalid scoring value
1278 The language parameter is not in a correct format
1279 The cardholder name is not in a correct format
1280 The card does not have the correct format
1281 The month does not have the correct format
1282 The year does not have the correct format
1283 The cvc2 does not have the correct format
1284 The JETID parameter is not in a correct format
1288 The splitId parameter is not valid
1289 The splitId parameter is not allowed
1290 This terminal don't allow (split) transfers
1291 It has not been possible to record the (split) transfer operation
1292 Original payment's date cannot exceed 90 days
1293 Original (split) tansfer not found
1294 Total reversal cannot exceed original (split) transfer
1295 It has not been possible to record the (split) transfer reversal operation
1296 uniqueIdCreditor parameter missing
1297 Bank account still not certified.
1298 companyNameCreditor parameter missing.
1299 Invalid companyTypeCreditor parameter.
1300 Invalid swiftCodeCreditor parameter.
1301 The number of operations per request has been exceeded.
1302 Denied. Filter same IP last 24 hours.
1303 Denied. Max amount same IP last 24 hours.
1304 The account isn't set up correctly.
1305 merchantCustomerId parameter missing.
1306 Invalid merchantCustomerIban parameter.
1307 fileContent parameter missing.
1308 Invalid document extension.
1309 The document exceeds the maximum file size.
1310 Invalid document type.
1311 Different IP / Reference limit not allowed
1312 SEPA Credit Transfer denied
1313 There is not payment_info
1314 Bank account type is not IBAN
1315 No documents found
1316 Error uploading documents
1317 Error downloading documents
1318 Required documentation is not complete
1319 Not allowed. Currency is not EUR
1320 Invoice state is not COMPLETE
1321 The exception sent is not enabled
1322 Challenge required to complete the operation
1323 The mandatory information of the MERCHANT_DATA has not been sent
1324 The DS_USER_INTERACTION parameter is not valid
1325 Challenge required and user not present
1326 Denial by security controls on the processor
1327 3DS authentication process error
1328 Parameter error: must be EMAIL or SMS
1329 Email sending failed
1330 SMS sending failed
1331 Template not found
1332 Maximum requests per minute reached
1333 Phone number not configured for Sandbox SMS sending
1334 Email address not configured for Sandbox email sending
1335 DS_MERCHANT_IDENTIFIER parameter missing
1336 DS_MERCHANT_IDENTIFIER parameter is not correct
1337 Wrong or not configured notification URL
1338 Notification URL does not have the correct response
1339 Invalid terminal configuration
1340 Payment method not available
1341 Bizum. Authentication failed. Lock after three attempts.
1342 Bizum. Transaction cancelled. The user does not wish to continue.
1343 Bizum. Payment rejected by beneficiary.
1344 Bizum. Charge rejected by originator.
1345 Bizum. The processor rejects the operation.
1346 Bizum. Insufficient available balance.
1351 PSD2: BillAddrCountry field not included with supplied billAddrState
1352 PSD2: ShipAddrCountry field not included with supplied shipAddrState
1353 PSD2: BillAddrCountry field must be in ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 format
1354 PSD2: BillAddrState field must be in ISO 3166-2 format
1355 PSD2: ShipAddrCountry field must be in ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 format
1356 PSD2: ShipAddrState field must be in ISO 3166-2 format
1360 PSD2: MERCHANT_SCA_EXCEPTION field with incorrect value
1361 PSD2: MERCHANT_TRX_TYPE not supplied required with MERCHANT_SCA_EXCEPTION = MIT
1362 PSD2: MERCHANT_TRX_TYPE field with incorrect value
1363 PSD2: Mandatory purchaseInstalData, recurringExpiry, and recurringFrequency fields in Instalment operation (MERCHANT_TRX_TYPE = I)
1364 PSD2: Mandatory purchaseInstalData, recurringExpiry, and recurringFrequency fields in Recurring operation (MERCHANT_TRX_TYPE = R)
1365 PSD2: The purchaseInstalData value must be greater than 1
1366 PSD2: The recurringExpiry value must be in the format YYYYMMDD
1367 When the same card has several payments in "flight" at the time that one is finalized, the rest are denied with this code. This restriction is for security.
1400 Bizum could not authenticate user
1417 PayPal - The instrument presented has been declined. Please select another one.
1418 PayPal - The sum of the amount of the cart items doesn't match the order total amount.
1419 shoppingCart[].name parameter required
1420 shoppingCart[].quantity parameter required.
1421 shoppingCart[].unitPrice parameter required.
1422 shipping.shipAddrCountry parameter required.
1423 shipping.shipAddrCity parameter required.
1424 shipping.shipAddrPostCode parameter required.
1425 PayPal - Operation cancelled by user.
1450 Refund card does not match the authorization one
1451 paycometId parameter missing
1452 Operations between sandbox and production environments are not allowed
1453 Previous operation not found. Cancellation could not be executed
1454 Previous operation already canceled
1455 Wrong message format
1456 System error
1457 Resolver Center not available. Local authorization
1458 Duplicate 1X2X message received (another message with the same RTS has already been processed)
1459 Cancellation is not accepted. The HCP did not find the operation to be canceled
1460 Collection rejected. Not found any of the original operations referenced
1461 Wrong MAC
1462 Received 1200 to an operation already canceled which was answered with 914 or 481
1463 Session not allowed
1464 Reception at the HCP of a communication message (1X2X) when a previous one is still being processed (1X2X/X)
1465 Date and time not synchronized
1466 Expiration Date of the card does not coincide with the one that the Issuer has on file
1467 Violation of existing regulations to perform a local authorization
1468 Existing rule violation to make a refund
1469 Message response timed out
1470 Timeout error when performing a communication test (1804)
1471 A timeout has occurred in command execution
1472 All messaging retries have failed
1473 The specified EndPointWorker does not exist
1474 Failed to stop worker
1475 Number of PIN attempts exceeded
1476 Mandatory PIN
1477 Wrong PIN
1478 Wrong PIN Block
1479 Denied. Operation with clear card data in SNCP merchant
1480 Card not supported by the system
1481 Denied for various reasons
1482 Denied. It is not possible to verify authentication by Reference
1483 Denied. Authentication amount exceeded
1484 Repeat operation with CHIP reading, using contacts, or double TAP plus PIN
1485 Repeat operation with CHIP reading, using contacts, or request PIN only
1486 Call the issuer
1487 Transactional identifiers data not found
1488 TransactionId do not match
1489 Card on Black List or suspected of fraud, include in Black List file
1490 Blacklisted or suspected fraud card
1495 Cancellation not allowed. Authorization already refunded