Klarna Payments (Pay Later/Slice It)

The most recent info of Klarna Payments availability in differents regions and get the latest info about sandbox credentials and flows is in the Klarna official docs. The following info only shows one of many scenarios.

Payment flow

1. A resume of the shopping cart is shown.

2. After the resume is shown, the Customer must checked his phone.

3. The customer confirms the PIN received (you must provide 000000 in sandbox environment).

Customer info required

To make a payment with this payment method, in addition to the parameters required for an authorization, it is necessary to indicate the following values in the "merchantData" field

        	    "customer": {
             		"name": "",
             		"surname": "",
             		"email": "",
             		"mobilePhone": {            
             			"cc": "",
             			"subscriber": ""
                "billing": {
                    "billAddrLine1": "",
                    "billAddrCity": "",
                    "billAddrPostCode": "",
                    "billAddrCountry": ""
                "shoppingCart": [
                        "sku": "",
                        "quantity": 1,
                        "unitPrice": "",
                        "name": "",
                        "articleType": 9