Although not required, PayPal recommends sending the shopping cart information and also the shipping information. In case you send this information, some parameters will be required.

Shopping cart information

The required parameters are name, quantity y unitPrice.

        	    "shoppingCart": [
                        "name": "",
                        "sku": "",
                        "quantity": "",
                        "articleType": "",
                        "unitPrice": ""

Shipping information

The required parameters are shipAddrCountry, shipAddrCity y shipAddrPostCode.

                "shipping": {
                    "shipAddrCountry": "",
                    "shipAddrCity": "",
                    "shipAddrPostCode": ""

Payment process

1. You need a personal sandbox account. You can create one in

2. A PayPal form will be displayed in order to log in with sandbox credentials.

3. Next up, the PayPal sandbox account payment methods will be displayed.

4. By clicking 'Pay now', the payment will be executed and the OK URL will be displayed.

Recurring payments

PAYCOMET allows to store the customer's PayPal account information through a previous agreement with the aim of executing recurring payments. This solutions fits the scenario in which a charge is to be made when the user is no longer present.

1. To request the agreement, our API REST endpoint /v1/token should be used.

2. In the response, there'll be a challengeUrl parameter which contains the URL where the customer should be redirected.

3. The customer must login in his PayPal account to confirm the agreement.

4. Once the agreement has been confirmed, you'll get a notification where you'll be informed the parameters idUser and tokenUser you're already using in your PAYCOMET integrations. More info: Notificación de la operación.