1. The customer selects the bank from the list.

2. The Customer enters his Login Name and PIN. The test Login Name is chiptanscatest2 and the test Pin is formed from a 5 digit number: 12345.

3. The Customer selects a mobile device for SMS confirmation:

4. The customer verifies the payment details received and enters the TAN number to confirm the order. The test TAN number to be used: 123456.

5. The customer is redirected to the provider’s confirmation page, where the user can confirm the Client account to be used to complete the payment:

6. After choosing the account, the customer is required to confirm the TAN again:

7. Upon completion of the payment flow, the customer is redirected back to your ReturnURL.

Although it is not essential, as long as these data are available, it is recommended to include them in the "merchantData " parameter

        	    "customer": {
             		"email": ""